PSB Balance Check Number, PSB Bank Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number,

How can I check the balance of my Punjab and Sind Bank account?, For the account holder to create a monthly budget or to make any other type of financial choice, knowing the bank balance is crucial. There are several ways to determine the account’s bank balance. In this post, we’ll go through how to check the balance of your Punjab and Sind Bank account using several methods, including missed calls, SMS banking, online banking, and mobile banking.

PSB Balance Check,

Missed Call Number for Punjab and Sindh Bank Balance Enquiry Making a phone call to check your account balance is really easy, and anyone can do it without having to know or remember a certain format. Just dial the Punjab & Sind Bank toll-free number 7039035156 to receive the necessary information by SMS. However,

PSB Balance Check Number

Only PSB clients who have registered their mobile phones with the bank are eligible for this service. You will receive the most recent account balance for all of your accounts if you have more than one account registered with a single cellphone number. Learn how to use a missed call number to check your current Punjab & Sind Bank balance by reading the information below.

PSB बैलेंस पूछताछ मिस्ड कॉल नंबर 2024

PSB Balance Check Number, PSB Bank Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number,
  • To sign up for the different services offered by Punjab & Sind Bank using your cellphone number, go to the branch that is closest to you. While opening an account, you may also register or update your bank information.
  • Give a miss call at the toll-free number 7039035156 once your service is enabled. After a few rings, the call will be automatically terminated.
  • You will get an SMS alert with information on the available balance in each of the accounts linked to this mobile number.

Mini-Statement Missed Call Number for Punjab & Sind Bank, The Punjab & Sind Bank Mini-Statement Missed Call Number may be used to determine your account’s bank balance. You may receive a mini-statement of the latest three transactions delivered to your mobile device by SMS by simply making a missed call to 7039035156,

SMS Banking for Punjab and Sind Bank Number for PSB SMS Balance Check, Another straightforward method that lets you quickly know your account balance is the SMS service. But, you must keep in mind a certain SMS format in order to use this service. It should be mentioned that in order to receive all the benefits, the user must register for the SMS banking service on the registered phone number. After signing up, the user can create their own SMS banking password under PsbOnline’s “Preferences” menu. 92238158443 is the PSB SMS Banking phone number. Every time you want to check your account balance, you must enter your banking password.

The SMS format to use to get the most recent bank balance is

  • PBAL <Account-Number> <SMS-Banking-Password> (e.g. PBAL 00001000001011 1234)
  • Once the bank receives this SMS, it will respond with an SMS of its own with the updated balance.

With the Punjab & Sind Bank’s Online Banking Service, check your balance, You may simply log in to your online Punjab & Sind bank account and view the most recent balance if you have an internet connection at home or at work. Via your smartphone or laptop, you may visit the PSB website at any time of the day or night. To reduce the danger of online fraud, however, ensure that the system is safe.

You must have a registered phone number and a user ID provided by the bank in order to utilise internet banking. Once activated, you may quickly use the online banking services by going to the website.

With the Punjab & Sind Bank Toll Free Number, check your balance, Customers may reach PSB 24 hours a day at 1800 419 8300, which is a toll-free number, to check the most recent account balance. You may find answers to all of your questions, including details on the balance of your current bank account, here. Any landline or mobile number inside the nation can call the numbers.

  • Put your PSB ATM card in the slot provided by the ATM. You would get a popup asking for the relevant ATM pin right away.
  • Enter the appropriate pin after typing it in.
  • To obtain information about your account balance, select the Balance Enquiry option.

Balance Check for Punjab and Sind Cellular Banking, The mobile banking service known as PSB mPay was launched by Punjab & Sind Bank. It is an intuitive, practical application with many features, including fund transfers and balance inquiries. The bank will activate this mobile banking service after receiving a completed application from you.

Visit Your Nearby Punjab & Sind Bank Branch to Check Your Balance, If you are unsure about utilising any of the aforementioned services, you may also receive a balance check at the PSB branch that is most convenient for you. To prove your identify to the bank officials, bring identification documents like your Aadhar Card and bank passbook. The executives would then update the passbook, and you would know right away what your account’s current bank balance was.


How can I check my Punjab & Sind Bank balance?

  • Make a missed call to 7039035156 to get your Punjab & Sind Bank Account’s bank balance. Your account balance information will be delivered to you through SMS after leaving a missed call.

How can I use the Punjab & Sind Bank to check my account balance?

  • There are several ways to check your bank balance, including online banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, and more. The best option to check your bank balance is to use a missed call number, which enables you to call a number and receive an SMS with information about your bank account amount in return.

What are the steps for registering your cellphone number with the Punjab & Sind Bank?

  • It’s simple to register your cellphone number with Punjab & Sind Bank. Ask a bank representative for the account update form when you visit the bank. Your cellphone number and other bank-related information must be entered into the form before you can submit it. Your cellphone number will be updated on your account.

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