Indian Bank ATM Block, How to Block ATM Card of Indian Bank

Details regarding Indian Bank ATM Card Block Information, How to Disable an Indian Bank ATM Card, An ATM card is a feature that is essential in the modern world. In general, nobody uses this ATM card, including adults and children. This implies that we will always have an ATM card with us, even if we only visit a tiny retailer. It is crucial that we maintain this ATM card in a secure location. Perhaps we shouldn’t leave our ATM card lying around if we misplaced it.

Indian Bank ATM Block

1) Indian Bank Atm Block Number, Step 1: You Can Block Your Atm Card By Calling The 24-Hour Toll-Free Indian Bank Atm Card Block Number. Step 2: From Your Registered Mobile Phone, Dial The National Toll-Free Number 180042500000. Step 3: Follow The Ivr Prompts To Reach A Customer Service Representative.

How to Block ATM Card of Indian Bank

That ATM Card needs to be blocked right now. If not, there is a higher chance that someone else will accidentally use your card. nonetheless, this ATM The complete sum will be deposited into your bank account with just the use of the card and the 16-digit number on your card and the CVV number.

How To Block Your ATM CARD?

How to block Indian Bank ATM Card ? Now let’s see about how they can block their ATM card in three ways

Let’s See How To Block Through Indian Bank Net Banking:-

You can block through Indian bank net banking. For that you need to login to Indian Bank Net Banking with your Username and Password,

  • Choose ATM Card Services from there after that.
  • Then click the “Ban ATM Card” tab under E-Services.
  • Choose it if you wish to stop the ATM Card service.
  • Now that your ATM card’s first four and last four numbers have been shown,
  • You can see all currently active and blocked cards.
  • Click SUBMIT after choosing the card you wish to block and selecting it.
  • Then verify their information
  • Choose Authentication option, and either the Profile Password or SMS OTP will appear.
  • On the next screen, enter the chosen OTP or profile password, and then click Confirm.
  • After the card has been banned, you will get a success message.
  • Together with this success message, you will receive a ticket number.
  • Save this number for your own use.
  • They can only purchase a new ATM card again if they have this number.

Indian Bank ATM Card Block for SMS

If you want to block your lost Indian Bank ATM card through SMS , this is the easiest method for you. That means you can type ‘BLOCK ‘ to the number 56767 from the phone number with which you have opened an account in Indian Bank and send a message. You can block your ATM card very easily.

How To Block Your ATM CARD Number By Calling Customer Care?

Indian Bank ATM Card Block Customer Care Number: 1800 425 00000,

You can block your ATM card yourself by calling over the phone. For this, Indian Bank offers them 24 hours free service. That is, call 1800 425 00000 .

Now they will ask them account number , name, address, date of birth and other important information, so they have to tell those details correctly. After that customer care service will BLOCK their ATM CARD and give them a number. Save that number safely and give that number to the bank where you opened the account . You can apply again for a new ATM CARD .

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